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Real Wild Animal Hunting Games

Real Wild Animal Hunting Games: Ultimate Jungle Adventure

About This Game

Get ready for an exhilarating experience with “Real Wild Animal Hunting Games,” the biggest and most thrilling shooting and hunting game of 2018. In this 3D game, you’ll find yourself alone in the jungle, armed with the best modern weapons, surrounded by dangerous animals in an adventurous environment. Your mission is to target, shoot, and kill a variety of wild animals including deer, lions, wolves, tigers, rabbits, kangaroos, foxes, giraffes, and buffaloes. Enjoy the stunning 3D graphics, realistic environments, and immersive sound effects that bring this addictive action game to life.

Experience Real

Hunting Adventure
Step into the role of a sharp sniper hunter in the “Real Wild Animal Hunting Games.” Your goal is to expertly aim and pull the trigger to hunt various jungle animals. This exciting and thrilling action game will turn you into a professional target shooter. With the use of modern weapons such as pistols, rifles, random guns, and snipers, along with unlimited ammunition, you’ll face off against the jungle’s most dangerous predators. Unlike any other hunting game, this one brings a new and modern approach to the genre.

Story and Levels

The game features many exciting levels, each more challenging and thrilling than the last. As you progress, you’ll need to clear each level within a limited time to unlock the next mission. The jungle is teeming with wild hunting wolves and other dangerous animals, making each level a test of your hunting skills. The beautiful jungle environment is filled with animals running and walking, and you’ll need to be sharp and quick to complete your mission before time runs out. With simple and easy gameplay, this hunting game is accessible and fun for everyone.

Game Features

  • Variety of Weapons: Use different random guns and pistols for hunting.
  • Wild Animals: Hunt lions, elephants, wolves, and more.
  • Thrilling Environments: Experience snow, jungle, desert, and mountain settings.
  • Challenging Levels: Each environment offers many challenging levels.
  • Precision Aiming: Set your aim precisely to target the animals.
  • 3D Jungle Environment: Enjoy an adventurous and realistic jungle setting.
  • Simple Gameplay: Easy controls including shooting and zoom camera buttons.
  • First Person Sniper Shooting: Immerse yourself in first-person 3D shooting.
  • Efficient Weapon Control: Smooth and responsive weapon handling.
  • 3D Graphics and Sound: Stunning graphics and realistic sound effects.
  • Seasonal Environments: Experience winter and snow-filled hunting adventures.
  • Real-time Hunting: Hunt lions and deer in real-time scenarios.

App Details

  1. Version: 2.4
  2. Updated On: January 22, 2024
  3. Android Requirements: 5.0 and up
  4. Downloads: 500,000+
  5. In-app Purchases: Rs 900.00 per item
  6. Content Rating: Rated for ages 16+ (Strong Violence)
  7. Permissions: View details
  8. Interactive Elements: In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)
  9. Release Date: January 19, 2018
  10. Offered By: ALPHA Games Studio


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Download “Real Wild Animal Hunting Games” now and embark on an unforgettable hunting adventure in the heart of the jungle!

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