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Rabbit Hunting Challenge: The Ultimate Wilderness Adventure

Real Wild Animal Hunting Games: Ultimate Jungle Adventure

About This Game

Come back to the wilderness in the most visually incredible FPS hunting – rabbit games!

Answer the call of the wild rabbit in your favorite rabbit hunting games offline. Do you want to become the best hunter survivor? Try the hare hunting rabbit simulator to become a champion rabbit shooter. Bunny sniping is an amazing rabbit shooting game for shooter survivors. Play a first-person classical rabbit hunting game to improve your rabbit hunting and animal shooting skills. This rabbit shooting game is a very interesting and challenging rabbit simulator forest bunny killing game, so accept the challenge and hunt as many rabbits as you can to become the best rabbit hunter in jungle bunny rabbit games.

Ready for a rabbit hunt?

Start hunting in the jungle with the next-generation hunting simulator rabbit games. Rabbit hunting challenge is a first-person shooter (FPS) rabbit simulator 3D game in the forest for professional hunter survivors. This action-packed wild rabbit hunting jungle simulator game allows you to hunt rabbits, hare, and other herbivores in this classical rabbit hunting game.

A rabbit is a very clever animal, so be sharp and quick when you hunt. Set your sniper gun on target and quickly fire a bullet to shoot the rabbit. If you miss your shot, the hare will run away, and you won’t complete your rabbit hunting challenge.

Carefully hunt bunnies and prove that you have properly answered the hunter’s call of the wild animals. This jungle animal rabbit simulator offers a variety of wild rabbits, jungle bunnies, and forest hares to shoot, so kill rabbits and other wild animals in a limited time to become an expert rabbit shooter.

Wild rabbit hunting games provide a huge variety of weapons to hunt rabbits. You can unlock sniper guns, long-range rifles, and short-range pistols for hare hunting in offline rabbit games.

Features of Rabbit Hunting Challenge:

    1. Realistic Rabbits Physics and Fired Bullet Animation: Experience lifelike hunting with realistic rabbits and bullet animations.
    2. Different Weapons for the Hunter Call of the Wild Rabbits: Choose from a variety of sniper guns, long-range rifles, and short-range pistols.
    3. Eye-Catching Environment: Enjoy the beautiful safari jungle with snowy hills and grassy mountains.
    4. Multiple Challenging and Interesting Missions: Complete various offline missions for a thrilling experience.
    5. Variety of Rabbits: Hunt white, black, and brown rabbits.
    6. Attractive 3D Graphics: Immerse yourself in stunning 3D graphics.
    7. Relaxed and Optimal Controls: Enjoy easy and precise controls for an optimal hunting experience.
    8. Radar to Find Rabbits: Use the radar to locate and track rabbits.
    9. Focused Hunting: Avoid hunting deer, lions, bears, or other wild animals; just focus on rabbits.
    10. Offline Adventure: Enjoy a complete rabbit shooting game with an offline hunting adventure.

Game Details

  • Version: 1.9.17
  • Updated On: Sep 19, 2023
  • Android Requirements: 5.0 and up
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Content Rating: Rated for ages 12+ (Moderate Violence, Horror)
  • Permissions: View details
  • Release Date: July 1, 2016
  • Offered By: ALPHA Games Studio


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